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87% of visionaries and 81% of leaders keep content at the core of their marketing efforts. (Kapost)

w/ Shelley

Bring life to business - Tell your story - Compel Action

Hello Darlin!

Super excited you're here. Can I get you an iced tea? (it's an Oklahoma thing)

You're the kind of entrepreneur who does their homework, so you've already heard all the stats and hoopla like--
  • 87% of visionaries and 81% of leaders keep content at the core of their marketing efforts.
  • The long-term benefits of content marketing outweigh paid marketing
  • A distinct voice and purpose will reach out and grab your dream clients.
  • Good sales copy will sell your products and services for you
It's the world we're livin' in. With sooo much noise out there today...
Clients are looking for more than a Google Ad. They want romance.
None of this, wham-bam,"BUY NOW!" fast-talk they've heard before. In today's climate, they have options and must be wooed


But even knowing that potential customers are bouncing around possibly DOZENS of SITES -- at a rapid rate -- and that you only get one chance to grab their attention, these thoughts STILL might be rolling around in your head --


  • "I'll wait until my business grows." 

  • "I don't even know what I want to say." 

  • "How will a stranger know 'my voice?'"

  • "I don't know what a copywriter does." 

  • "I'll just write for myself." 

It does not have to be that way, dagnabit! 


What if you had someone who was born to do this? Someone who could--   


     Get into your head and say what you're trying to express.

     Help you create that business growth you've been waiting for. 

     Sell the SOCKS OFF of your products and services.

     Present what you've got in a way that your dream client falls in love with it



Shelley Dennis here. Copywriter for clients like Macy’s, Pottery Barn, and impactful entrepreneurs, and film and television writer for clients like Disney Animation and AmazeVR.


It has taken me a lifetime of writing for all KINDS of mediums -- standup, journalism, sketch, poetry, creative journaling, on-your-feet-improvisation -- to learn how to make someone lean in and tilt their head at jussst the right time.


I’d love to do that for you. 


We get one shot at our dream -- make that sales page SELL, that bio INSPIRE, and those emails BRING IN YOUR PEOPLE!



Shelley is an amazing asset for my projects and my client’s projects. She understands how to create content that is engaging and effective. Shelley is a very eloquent writer who has a boundless ability to get key messaging points across to our target audience.


She is thorough, dependable, and timely. Shelley is easy to work with and I know that I can hand her any task and she will go above and beyond to complete the goals laid out for her.

Awe... I'm blushing over here! 

—  Oscar Sagastume - Email Marketing Manager

Have a good feeling about this?  Me too! 


Let's pin down all those thoughts, feelings, and brainstorms you've got rolling around in your head and create content that causes a stir.
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