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Copywriter w/ a Twist

A quick backstory

No doubt about it, I took a long and winding road to become a writer, and I currently have the windows down and the music up. I’m from small-town Oklahoma, population: 700. With little entertainment but our cows and an active imagination, I fell head over heels with bringing compelling characters to life through storytelling.

Come again? 


Life took an unexpected turn when I was scouted by a modeling agency and flown to Milan, Italy, where I made a living being tall and hungry. My modeling days provided me with a plethora of experiences, many of which inspire my TV pilots and characters.


Along the way, I snagged a bachelor’s degree in drama and a minor in writing at the University of Oklahoma. I went on to hone my acting skills in Los Angeles and appeared in Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives, and Road Hard, starring Adam Carolla. I merged writing and acting and created a web series called, Recovering Model, wrote for Disney’s Tangled TV show, performed on the improv stages at Groundlings and UCB, then toured with Wayne Brady doing both standup and improv.



Why Copywriting?

I started to find my calling when I left the fashion world - comedy has a funny way of squeezing the truth right out of you. First, I was excited to discover that I had more to offer than height and good teeth, and then I became baffled that it took me so long to understand my value. I realize that others may have similar roadblocks. People who might not have the tools to communicate their message effectively or who don’t yet realize the importance of their vision.

My mission is to take the inspiration behind your message and express it in such a way that others fall in love with it. Whether you’re a business passionate about a product or an entrepreneur with a purpose, I’m here to connect the dots.